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Harney & Sons Fine Teas has been in the business of gourmet tea since 1983. We make our teas for the enjoyment of our customers and take pride in meeting and exceeding expectations from every cup of tea. With a trendy flagship store and cafe located on Broome Street in Soho and corporate headquarters in Millerton, New York, we are not only dedicated to delivering our tea drinkers quality teas and tea products, but also passing on our passion for tea. Harney & Sons is a collection of our tea knowledge, designed to enhance your tea drinking experience.

The selection ranges to over 300 blends and includes many customer favorites such as our signature flavored black tea, “Hot cinnamon spice”. Harney& Sons teas are served at first-class hotels & restaurants: Dorchester Hotel in London *Winner of the Afternoon Tea Award 2007, Gramercy Park Hotel, Four Seasons Hotels, The Bellagio, The Peninsula Tokyo, Roppongi Hills Club, Jean Georges, Sarabeth’s, Magnolia Bakery, just to name a few.

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The Extra Virgin Olive Oil RES ANTIQVA is produced in a natural manner and is rich in antioxidant properties thanks to its organoleptic properties. It is recommended to use it raw.

The Res Antiqva estate lies on the northern shore of Lake Bolsena in the Tuscia area which marks the natural border between Tuscany, Umbria, and Lazio regions. Orvieto, a marvelous city of arts and culture, is only 15 kilometers away.

Our oil’s characteristic color is a brilliant green that is preserved thanks to the temperature-controlled extraction process which prevents the alteration of naturally present chlorophyll and oxidation of polyphenols. The extraordinary richness of these phenolic structures, combined with the unique physical, biological and chemical characteristics of our oil is the final result of this entirely natural and complex process.



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Pont des Arts

When Fine Art Meets Fine Wine...


Pont des Arts is an exclusive, limited collection of fine wines and spirits. It is the first international high-end brand of French wines, building a bridge between Art and Wine, Bordeaux and Burgundy, the East and West and collectors and newcomers alike.


Pont des Arts marry the best from the art world (such as Zao Wou-Ki, Yue Minjun, Miquel Barceló, Yan-Pei Ming and Piet Mondrian) and the wine world (Etienne de Montille, Rodolphe peters, Chateau la Conseillante and other highly respected wine and spirit experts from France).

When founders, Arthur de Villepin and Thibault Pontallier, met in Hong Kong in 2010, they shared a common goal: to promote abroad what France does best.

Arthur was passionate about art and loved wine, Thibault was passionate about wine and loved art. The project combines their French roots and lifestyle with different cultures and talents.

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SAYURI & Co. is a collection of fine sakes and premium green teas, presenting a selection of traditional Japanese craftsmanship expertly curated for the international market. 


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